My name is Bob Dunn and for the past 30 years I have been developing my skill as a photographer.

My love capturing images of friends, family and the world around me started as a gift from one of my uncles who also loved photography. He taught me through his art that I could use light as a source to create fantastic memories that would last for ever. I have been photographing anything and everything ever since. I studied photojournalism in the 1980's and my professional career started as I worked for several newspapers as an intern and took free lance assignments when ever possible. 

However it was my passion for sports action and photographing people that really triggered the idea for Converged Imaging which was created in 2008 as a company dedicated to preserving memories with photography. I enjoy capturing images of people enjoying life, weddings and events, portraits and images of wildlife and beautiful places that I have the opportunity to visit. It is a great feeling to earn a smile from a satisfied client after I capture and produce images from an event for them. It is my greatest satisfaction when my work hangs in someone's home and it is an added bonus that I can earn a living doing this.