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Converged Imaging was founded as a company dedicated to preserving memories with photography. Photographer and owner Bob Dunn has spent the past 30 years taking photos of anything and everything. His passion for capturing images of friends, family and sports action began as a hobby during his teen age years. During college in the 1980’s he majored in journalism with a minor in photography. Internships with various newspapers and free lance opportunities were the beginning of a professional career but it was always a love of sports, action and capturing people enjoying life that was the foundation of what would become Converged Imaging.

With the convergence of film to digital technology an opportunity has developed to capture images like never before. Converged Imaging has a goal to utilize professional digital technology and state of the art equipment to help others save images for the future. Understanding that almost everyone owns a camera but not everyone is comfortable using one. Converged Imaging will fill in when and where we are needed to capture images that can be used to save history for future generations.

Converged Imaging is dedicated to providing professional, courteous service and to producing a product that is guaranteed to satisfy every application we are hired to accomplish. We have a vast network of other professionals who will help us meet these goals and we will never commit to doing something that is beyond our ability.

Email us at: or call (518) 505-3788 for more information.

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